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JB4 BMW Mobile App & Bluetooth Connect Kit iOS Full Product Review

Detailed review of the JB4 Mobile app + JB4 Bluetooth connect kit. Come check it out! Please like and subscribe - thank you!

JB4 Mobile Rev 2 (Outdated) iOS Demo March 2015

A quick demo of the JB4 Mobile app for iOS. For info on JB4 Mobile and the JB4 Connect Kit, please visit ...

JB4 Mobile App for iOS + Android

The JB4 Mobile App works on all JB4 equipped N54 + N55 equipped BMW's running the JB4 Connect Kit. The app allows easy wireless, real time data on boost, ...

JB4 Mobile Complete Walkthrough With Kit Information

This is an old video. My new videos can be found on my channel. iOS Demo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hfd_jHepUO0 JB4 Connect Kit Install ...

Know Your Mods Ep9 : Tuners - Burger Motorsport JB4

This time on Know Your Mods, BMWs get some love as we feature Burger Motorsports JB4 performance tuner. This true Plug-and-Play tune will drastically boost ...

JB4 on Idrive Screen DIY

This is how I set up by JB4 mobile gauges to show up on the Idrive screen with a press of the menu button on the Idrive controller. On the software side of thing, ...

JB4 iOS App Update

New graphics thanks to MasterWang!! Ability to select display parameters. Export logs through iTunes or email. Code reading/deletion.

JB4 Mobile for Android Complete Walkthrough

JB4 Mobile for Android complete walkthrough.

JB4 iOS Plug and Play Kit

Showing how to install the Plug and Play kit.

JB4 Mobile Android - Firmware Updating

Showing a JB4 firmware update using JB4 Mobile for Android.

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